Level 1 Training

Consulting Methods

Level 1 of the MCI training teaches the most critical skills that every professional and consultant must have in order to be a world-class manager or management consultant: having structured thinking and communication, being able to solve complex problems, obtaining relevant information to make decisions, presenting effectively, and getting alignment from the audience.

Six main topics that are covered in Level 1 MCI training:

  1. The Pyramid Principle (basis for structured thinking and communication)
  2. Professional and Ethical Behavior (what it takes to be a trusted advisor)
  3. Problem Definition (Situation-Complication-Key Question SCQ analysis)
  4. Approach (Issues analysis and work-plan)
  5. Data Gathering and Analysis (primary and secondary research)
  6. Findings and Recommendations Presentation (how to create compelling presentations)


Management Consulting Body of Knowledge (MCBOK)

Use this e-book to learn the basic tools and techniques of management consulting. It should be used as a reference for the online tutorial and live workshops and to prepare for Level 1 certification.

Online Tutorial

Learn at your own pace by watching this online module that helps illustrate the theory, examples, exercises and videos used to learn and prepare for Level 1 certification.

Training Material

We provide training materials for professors and our training partners around the world so that they can use the Consulting Methods course on site.


A dynamic and fun way to obtain a deeper understanding of the tools taught in Level 1 training. You will be exposed to many examples and exercises that will help you start applying the theory to a company. You will learn from live interactions with the facilitator and other teammates. For group workshops, please email us at info@mcinstitute.org