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The Manager certificate (Level 3) is designed to teach you how the forces of changing customer needs, globalization, cost containment, deregulation, and technological change, combined with the drive for sustainable profitable growth require companies to continually rethink their business strategies. Over 70% of these new strategies are poorly implemented and have not been realized.

This course is about techniques and methodologies used to improve the overall success rate of implementing company’s newly formulated strategy.  Level 3 certification is neither about strategy formulation nor about strategy execution, but the link (perhaps the missing link) between the two.  This course is about developing the optimal design for executing and realizing that strategy using the REALIZETM Strategy Execution Methodology.

Who should apply?

This certification is designed for individuals, either students or professionals, looking to understand how to successfully execute and realize a predefined strategy.

Content Outline

Level 3 of the MCI training teaches specific business elements that help ensure successful implementation of a strategy. These elements have been summarized in the REALIZE framework, which includes seven topics:

  1. Robust Strategy: how compelling, actionable and attractive is the strategy?
  2. Enablers: what are the enablers and barriers to organizational change?
  3. Approach: what is the most effective/efficient plan given both internal and external factors?
  4. Leading: how does the leadership/management team “walk the talk” around the strategy?
  5. Individuals: what individual/team behavioral and technical competencies should be developed?
  6. Zeal: what quick wins must be designed to ensure enthusiasm, passion and commitment?
  7. Ensure: how to drive accountability and responsibility for initiatives and activities?

How to prepare for the exam

If you want to get certified on Level 3, you must first learn the theory of Strategy Implementation. You can do this by taking the online tutorial or attending a live workshop supported by the Management Consulting Body of Knowledge Level 3.


  • Regular: US$500.00 + US$50 for Remote Proctoring
  • Student: US$250.00 + US$50 for Remote Proctoring. In order to receive the student discount, please email us at mcinstitute.org with your proof of student status (Accepted documents include valid student IDs or the latest academic transcript).

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