MCI Training Benefits

MCI Training Benefits

At the Management Consulting Institute (MCI), our goal is to make Management Consulting a discipline as well as apply the methodologies used at top consulting firms to individuals, companies of all sizes, and training institutions.

Students and Professionals

MCI training and certification is designed for students and professionals looking to learn and develop critical tools and methodologies used by management consultants to succeed in their professional careers. By receiving MCI certification, you will:

  • Learn how first-class consulting companies train their workforce to think and communicate more effectively.
  • Influence your colleagues and clients by learning how to think present your ideas in a structured format.
  • Develop approaches to identifying and breaking-down complicated problems.
  • Drive meetings and client engagements.
  • Act with even higher levels of professionalism, increase interpersonal skills, and behave like world-class professionals.


MCI training and certification was designed to help companies continuously improve the skill-sets of their most valuable assets, the human capital. By training your workforce with MCI, you will:

  • Stay ahead of competitors by providing your workforce with the tools they need to be world-class professionals.
  • Save time and increase productivity by teaching your employees how to communicate and present their ideas in an easily understood and structured format.